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Eclipse Winery project


The master branch is always compiling and all tests should go through. It contains the most recent improvements. All other branches are real development branches and might event not compile.

There are no explicit branches for stable versions as winery is currently in development-only mode.

We try to follow following naming conventions:

See for a discussion and other ideas.

Editing the gh-pages branch of the test repository

It is beneficial to have the gh-pages branch of the test repository checked out in a second directory to be able to work in Winery and on the homepage in parallel. Git supports that by the worktree command:

  1. Change directory to C:\winery-repository
  2. Execute git worktree add ..\git-repositories\winery-repository-gh-pages gh-pages to check out the gh-pages branch into C:\git-repositories\winery-repository-gh-pages.

Full output:

$ C:\winery-repository
> git worktree add ..\git-repositories\winery-repository-gh-pages gh-pages
Preparing ../git-repositories/winery/winery-repository-gh-pages (identifier winery-repository-gh-pages)
HEAD is now at 5017713 Initial documentation


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