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Eclipse Winery project

Topology Modeler

There are two variants of the topology modeler. One written using Java Server Pages and one written using Angular

JSP-based Topology Modeler

The main file of the topology modeler is index.jsp. It uses embedded Java code to connect to the repository. Thereby, the interface IWineryRepositoryClient is used. Afterwards, the whole UI is rendered in div id="winery".

Topology Modeler

The figure shows a screenshot of the topology modeler. The buttons in the first row are directly contained in index.jsp. The palette on the left side is rendered by palette.tag. The topology in the middle is rendered by a for-loop in index JSP. This loop iterates over all node templates and uses nodeTemplateRenderer.tag to render a single node template. The relationship templates are drawn using tmpl:registerConnectionTypesAndConnectNodeTemplates, whereby tmpl is bound to /WEB-INF/tags/common/templates. The property on the right side is rendered by propertiesOfOneNodeTemplate.tag for node templates and by propertiesOfOneRelationshipTemplate.tag for relationship templates.


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