Package Installation

After developing your application and generating a deployment package that contains the bundles to be deployed (refer to the Development section for more information), you may install it on the gateway using the Packages option in the System area of the Kura Gateway Administration Console as shown below.

Upon a successful installation, the new component appears in the Services list (shown as the BluetoothLE example in these screen captures). Its configuration may be modified according to the defined parameters as shown the BluetoothLe display that follows.

Installation from Eclipse Marketplace™

The application and components in the Eclipse Marketplace™ can be easily installed in Kura dragging the Install button directly to the gray area in the Packages tab, as shown below.

Package Signature

Once the selected application deployment package (dp) file is installed, it will be listed in the Packages page and detailed with the name of the deployment package, the version and the signature status. The value of the signature field can be true if all the bundles contained in the deployment package are digitally signed, or false if at least one of the bundles is not signed.