Eclipse Kura provides a built-in REST Service based on the osgi-jax-rs-connector project.

By default, REST service providers register their services using the context path /services.

The REST service provides the BASIC Authentication support. The allowed users and associated roles can be specified via the REST Service configuration as depicted in the image below:


The System Administrator is required to specify:

  • - Specifies the list of users allowed to use the REST APIs
  • password - Specifies the password for each user
  • roles - The list of roles for each user as a list separated by the ‘;’ character of the users allowed to interact with the REST APIs provided by this ESF bundle.

By default, ESF comes pre-configured with the following credentials:

  • - admin
  • password - admin
  • roles - assets

Assets REST APIs

ESF exposes REST APIs for the Asset instances instantiated in the framework. Assets REST APIs are available in the context path /services/assets. Following, the supported REST endpoints:

Method Path             Roles Allowed Encoding Request Parameters Description
GET / assets JSON None Returns the list of available assets.
GET /{pid} assets JSON None Returns the list of available channels for the selected asset (specified by the corresponding PID)
GET /{pid}/_read assets JSON None Returns the read for all the READ channels in the selected Asset
POST /{pid}/_read assets JSON The list of channels where the READ operation should be performed. The expected format is:
Returns the result of the read operation for the specified channels.
POST /{pid}/_write assets JSON The list of channels and associated values that will be used for the WRITE operation. The expected format is:
Performs the write operation for the specified channels returning the result of the operation.