The Kura Gateway Administration Console supports multiple login identities with associated permissions and HTTPS client-side authentication with certificates.

Kura introduces a centralized authentication and authorization framework based on the OSGi UserAdmin specification. This framework introduces the concepts of identities and permissions:

  • Identity: A Kura identity is related to authentication. An identity has a name and a set of associated credentials, for example, a password.

  • Permission: A Kura permission is related to authorization. Zero or more permissions can be assigned to a given identity. Each permission allows to access a set of resources and/or perform certain operations. Permissions can be defined by applications.

The authentication and authorization framework only allows to define and store identities and permissions, it does not provide an implementation of authentication methods and/or session management. These aspects are left to applications.


The Kura Gateway Administration Console defines the following permissions, that restrict the operations that the identity is allowed to perform:

  • Allows to manage cloud connections using Cloud Connections tab.
  • kura.packages.admin: Allows to install deployment packages using the Packages tab.
  • kura.device: Allows interaction with the Device and Status tabs.
  • Allows to manage network connectivity and firewall configuration using the Network and Firewall tabs.
  • kura.wires.admin: Allows to manage Wire Graph and Driver and Asset configurations using the Wires and Drivers and Assets tabs.
  • kura.admin: This permission implies all the other permissions, including the ones defined by external applications.

Default Identities

Kura provides the following identities by default.

Identity Permissions
admin kura.admin
(not available for no-network profiles) kura.device

Managing Identities and Permissions

Managing identities and associated permissions can be done from the Identities section of the web UI. With the controls available in the interface it is possible to:

  • Create new identities with the New Identity button.
  • Change password of existing identity with Change Password button.
  • Delete identities with the Delete Identity button.
  • Assign permissions to identities by selecting the identity and ticking the corresponding permissions.
  • Disable password-based authentication by selecting Password authentication enabled to false.

The default password for the admin identity is admin. It is recommended changing the default password after initial setup and before deployment, as well as limiting access to the Kura Gateway Administration Console to a trusted local network interface using appropriate firewall rules.