The Cloud Connections section of the Kura Administrative Web UI allows user to create and manage cloud connections.

By default, Kura starts with a single cloud connection, as depicted in the following image:


The cloud connections page allows to:

  • create a new cloud connection;
  • create a new publisher or subscriber component;
  • delete an existing cloud connection;
  • connect a selected cloud stack to the configured cloud platform;
  • disconnect the selected cloud stack from the connected cloud platform;
  • refresh the existing cloud connections.

When clicking on the New button, a dialog is displayed as depicted in the image below:


The user can select one of the existing cloud connection factories and give it a name (depending on the implementation, a name format can be suggested or forced).

Selecting a created Cloud Connection it is possible to associate a new publisher/subscriber by clicking the New Pub/Sub button. As for the connection creation case, the user can select one of the existing publisher/subscriber factories and give it a name.