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Dump extractor (jextract)

(AIX®, Linux®, macOS®)

On some operating systems, copies of executable files and libraries are required for a full analysis of a core dump (you can get some information from the dump without these files, but not as much). Run the jextract utility to collect these extra files and package them into an archive file along with the core dump. To analyze the output, use the dump viewer (jdmpview).


    jextract <core file name> [<zip_file>]


  • <core file name> is the name of the system dump.
  • <zip_file> is the name you want to give to the processed file. If you do not specify a name, output is written to <core file name>.zip by default. The output is written to the same directory as the core file.
Restriction: You must run jextract on the same system that produced the system dump in order to collect the correct executables and libraries referenced in the system dump. You should also run jextract using the same VM level, to avoid any problems.

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