Paho Asynchronous MQTT C Client Library
Automatic Reconnect

The ability for the client library to reconnect automatically in the event of a connection failure was added in 1.1. The connection lost callback allows a flexible response to the loss of a connection, so almost any behaviour can be implemented in that way. Automatic reconnect does have the advantage of being a little simpler to use.

To switch on automatic reconnect, the connect options field automaticReconnect should be set to non-zero. The minimum and maximum times before the next connection attempt can also be set, the defaults being 1 and 60 seconds. At each failure to reconnect, the retry interval is doubled until the maximum value is reached, and there it stays until the connection is successfully re-established whereupon it is reset.

When a reconnection attempt is successful, the MQTTAsync_connected callback function is invoked, if set by calling MQTTAsync_setConnected. This allows the application to take any actions needed, such as amending subscriptions.