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Apache Camel™ integration overview


This document describes the Camel integration for Kura 2.1.0

Kura provides two main integration points for Camel:

  • Camel as a Kura application
  • Camel as a Kura cloud service

The first allows one to configure Camel to provide data and receive commands from any CloudService instance which is configured in Kura. For example the default CloudService instance which is backed by MQTT.

The second approach allows one to create a custom CloudService implementation and route data coming from other Kura applications with the routes provided by this Camel context.

Deploying additional Camel components

Kura comes with the following Camel components pre-installed:

  • camel-core
  • camel-core-osgi
  • camel-stream

If additional Camel components are required, they can be installed using deployment packages (DP), as common with Kura.

There are pre-packaged DPs available for e.g. AMQP, OPC UA, MQTT and other Camel components outside of the Kura project.