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Docker Quick Start


Eclipse Kura is also available as a Docker container available in Docker Hub.

To download and run, use the following command:

docker run -d -p 443:443 -t eclipse/kura

This command will start Kura in background and the Kura Web Ui will be available through port 443.

Once the image is started you can navigate your browser to https://localhost and log in using the credentials admin : admin.

Command Toolbox

Following, a set of useful Docker command that can be used to list and manage Docker containers. For more details on Docker commands, please reference the official Docker documentation

List Docker Images

To list all the installed Docker images run:

docker images

List Running Docker Containers

To list all the available instances (both running and powered off) run:

docker ps -a

Start/Stop a Docker Container

docker stop <container id>
docker start <container id>

where <container id> is the instance identification number.